Patura P1 Multi Voltage fencer (€130 inc vat)


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The PATURA multi-voltage energiser for short fences with light vegetation for cattle, horses and domestic animals; including 230 V mains adaptor and 12 V battery lead set
Stored energy: 0.7 joules

Stored energy (joules): 0.7
Max. output energy (joules): 0.5
No- load voltage (volts): 8300
Voltage at 500 ohms (volts): 4400
Power input at 230 V (W): 1.0
Max. power consumption at 12 V (mA): 60
Max. fence length in km (multiple wires):
no vegetation: 5
normal vegetation: 2
heavy vegetation: 0
Operation with 12 V battery:
Operation with 230 V mains adaptor:
Energiser monitoring indicator:
Battery deep discharge protection:
Recommended battery (min Ah): 60
Number of 1m earth stakes (min): 1

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