AKO Power Profi NDi 15000 mains energizer (Was €600.00 inc vat now €500.00 incl. Vat) FEN00336

€600.00 €500.00

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• ultra high-capacity power supply unit with intelligent power adjustment that uses the maximum permissible limit values

• highest-capacity AKO power supply unit for extremely long fences, heavy vegetation and very robust animals

• a third additional illuminated display provides information about current consumption

• the delayed power adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals

• the fence is constantly monitored by an alarm function, which triggers an alarm and slows the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for an extended period of time

• very low power consumption in normal operating mode, making it very eco- and climate-friendly

• much safer and more energy efficient in comparison to conventional devices, thanks to AKOtronic pulse technology, and more secure for animals even when vegetation is thick thanks to the extremely high fence voltage

• two illuminated digital displays for output voltage and earth potential, plus additional two-coloured flashing LEDs

• with two fence outputs (high/low)

• microprocessor controlled

  • Max. Voltage in Volts: 10200 V
  • Voltage at 500 Ohms in Volts: 7000 V
  • Stored Energy in Joules: 20 J
  • Max. Output Energy in Joules: 14.5 J
  • Power consumption is Watts: 18 W
  • Max Fence Length in km without Vegetation: 100 km
  • Max Fence Length in km with little Vegetation: 22 km
  • Max Fence Length in km with heavy Vegetation: 12 km
  • Min. Number of Ground Rods recommended: 5

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